Fernwood brand New Zealand tree fern is available as a loose substrate as well as panels for directly mounting orchids and use in lining vivarium backgrounds.

Tree fern from New Zealand is unique in that it is soft, porous and spongy, and long lasting with excellent water holding capability. Best of all, because the team behind Fernwood NZ is committed to sustainable harvesting, New Zealand tree fern is not subject to CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) protection.

New Zealand leads the world when it comes to protecting its natural resources and we are proud to offer Fernwood products knowing that New Zealand tree ferns will be around for future generations to enjoy. When you buy a Fernwood Product you know it has been created with both you and the environment in mind.

Choose the loose substrate as a potting media for orchids. They thrive on the ability of the spongy fibers to hold moisture while at the same time keeping the roots well aerated. The loose substrate is also an excellent component in vivarium bedding. Its smell and texture encourages natural burrowing, it absorbs waste and diminishes odors while pulling double duty as a perfect growing media for live plants. Tree fern loose substrate is available in 10 litre and 40 litre bags bags.

Tree fern in panel form comes in two varieties – thinner panels for use in lining vivariums and thicker versions designed for mounting orchids.

Regular vivarium panel: 30×12.5×1.5cm
Large vivarium panel: 30x20x1.5cm

Regular orchid board: 50x15x2.5cm
Large ‘Living Wall’ board: 100x20x2.5cm

Also available are the ‘Orchid Totems, which as well as being ideal for growing Orchids and other epiphytes up, also make ideal additions to terrariums as branches and basking spots.

Orchid Totem: 50x5x5cm

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