SkyLight Tiny RV

£49.00£299.00 Inc. VAT

As the name suggests, this is the smallest lamp in the SkyLight range. At just 11x9x1.5cm in size, it really is Tiny!

The Tiny may only be 6w, but it still packs a real punch! With an output of over 700 lumens and achieving a PAR of 290 with a light temperature of 6300k, this unit is more than capable of showing excellent results over a 45x30x30 enclosure.

With the ability to link upto 8 of these units from just one power supply, that are also ideal for people looking to light various enclosures (or one large enclosure with multiple lamps) without wanting the usual spaghetti of wires.

As with all the SkyLight range, the Tiny is a plug & play unit, so no need to also splash out on expensive and bulky canopies as everything you need comes included.