Arcadia Thermal Zoo Pro

£170.08£188.97 Inc. VAT

The Arcadia Thermal Zoo Pro is a brand new hybrid heating and lighting system suitable for larger at home and zoological enclosures. Thermal Zoo Pro uses the very latest in Arcadia tech to project a usable and measurable basking zone beneath the fitting. It is sleek, stylish, adaptable, dependable, hand-made, linkable, affordable and future proof.

Reptiles are truly solar powered, using the power of the sun to supply the energy that they need to live, but to also maintain core biological cycles within the body, such the D3 cycle. The one thing that is abundantly clear is, that the sun is one source, with its energy pouring down upon us as terrestrial UV, visible light and terrestrial Infra-red. It is this blend of energy that reptiles (all life) have developed to use, therefore it is vital for us as effective keepers to provide our lighting in a similar way.  Thermal Zoo Pro will help you to provide heat, UV and visible light in the correct quantities and over a wide usable area.