Monstera Monkey Mask – Monstera adansonii

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This lusciously large Swiss cheese plant, Monstera deliciosa will use its aerial roots to support itself on other vegetation. It is a jungle-loving plant which grows well in humid conditions. In fact its leaves will grow larger when growing in high humidity. It can, however, survive in dry air and is easy to care for.

Please note: The young leaves of a cheese plant don’t necessarily have splits. Gaps and holes appear in leaves of older plants. These, however, won’t be so numerous if the plant is kept in a gloomy spot.

  • This house plant prefers moderate levels of light.
  • Keep the soil moist and do not allow it to completely dry out.
  • Water around once a week during the growing season and mist the leaves with water.
  • Do not allow this plant to stand in water.
  • The stem of this house plant is comparatively weak as it uses the supporting tree as its strength.
  • When it is young, Monstera does not have cut, divided leaves. These develop as the plant matures.

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